In this installation, sensors detect whether you are entering or leaving the room. If you are entering, the words 'but I know you're not going to stay' are spoken at a medium volume. If you do not move the piece is silent, if you move, the speech is played back quietly at about one tenth of the normal speed and is not recognisable as speech. If you move away from it plays back even slower and if you move towards it, it plays back faster. If you run at it, it plays back at about half speed and is recognisable as speech.

 Occasionally, at random and if you move towards it, a small part of the speech is played back at normal speed. After it has detected a certain number of movements, the volume is increased dramatically and it becomes very aggressive. The loud speaker cones can be seen moving at frequencies, which are below what the human ear can hear. The number of movements required before the volume increases is dependent on the number of people in the room.