Page 10 The Volt was named after Count Alessandro Volta

Page 54 ‘Pin configurations are shown in the appendix’.

There is no appendix. The pin configurations are shown by means of photographs accompanying each circuit in conjunction with the information given on each circuit diagram.

The original intention was to produce a glossary of terms and an appendix giving pin configurations for the devices. However I decided to use the search facility instead of a glossary. I also decided that it would be more convenient for the reader to have the pin configuration repeated for each circuit rather than to search for it in another part of the book.

The operational amplifier LMC7101BIN has become obsolete. National Semiconductor are now only making the device in surface mount packages, which is not a lot of use to the readers of the book. I have searched in vain for a readily available alternative, however there is a device the LMC6482IN which is nearly identical except that there are two amplifiers in the same 8 pin package. (A dual operational amplifier).

To use the LMC6482IN in the circuits in the book, you have two choices. You can either just use one half of the IC and connect pin 5 to the 0 Volt rail (pin 4) and connect pin 6 to pin 7, or you can use both halves of the IC. In either case please note that pin 4 remains the same but pin 7 of the LMC7101BIN now becomes pin 8 of the LMC6482IN. In amplifier A, please note that pin 6 of LMC7101BIN now becomes pin 1 of LMC6482IN.

If you are using the other half of the IC, pin 2 of LMC7101BIN becomes pin 6 of LMC6482IN, pin 3 of LMC7101BIN becomes pin 5 of LMC6482IN and pin 6 of LMC7101BIN becomes pin 7 of LMC6482IN.